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Have an exotic garden and buy fruit plants. Nothing is better than growing your own fruit. Be the envy of all your neighbours with your lavish array of fruit plants. This climate is perfect for growing different types of fruit, from rhubarb to strawberries and apples. So make it happen, visit your local centre and grow your own fruit. Having fruit plants in your garden or on your patio gives off an exotic and warm feeling. Plus, there's nothing better than a nice freshly squeezed glass of orange juice from your own oranges. Why not try it out for yourself.


Fruit plants are a Great Way to give your Garden an Exotic Look 

Anyone can grow soft fruit, whether you're a novice gardener or Alan Titchmarsh, or whether your garden is big or small. There are varieties which are ornamental as well as productive. They can be grown in a mixed border or in pots on the patio, and love growing against a sunny wall or fence. So even if you don't have the luxury of a huge outdoor area, you can still grow your own fruit.

A couple of the UK's favourite fruits to grow are:

How to grow Citrus Fruit in the UK

Here's a quick video on how to grow citrus fruit in the UK, outside all year... That's right:

Fruit Plants at Garden Centres Near Me

Help yourself along with your five a day and visit one of these garden centres here, who are currently stocking fruit plants.