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Garden furniture

There's no better way to spend your summer evenings than relaxing on your garden furniture in your back garden. There are so many different types of furniture you can get for your garden, it’ll be hard to choose. From wooden furniture to resin furniture, you need to pick what’s best for you in your garden. You'll find a huge variety of garden furniture sets in your local garden centre, from huge 10 seater outdoor dining sets to sun loungers. Every piece of garden furniture has a function as well as being a focal point in your garden. If ever there was a cross between art and practicality, it exists in outdoor furniture. There's always a garden furniture set out there for you.

You can read our buyer's guide to garden furniture for tips on how to buy garden furniture.

garden furniture

Classic types of Garden Furniture

  • Outdoor dining sets - The epitome of garden furniture, al fresco dining is nothing without a good set.
  • Garden Benches - Sit with a friend and catch up, have a chat, socialise.
  • Sun loungers - Catch the rays while the sun's still out.
  • Garden Chairs - Take a load of anf grab a seat.
  • Lounge Sets - Rest and relaxation in the sun. 

Garden Furniture trends change every year, make sure your garden is keeping up!

Care for your Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture, especially wooden furniture, requires attention year after year. Don't leave your garden furniture set 'out in the cold' Make sure you stock up on garden furniture treatment at your local garden centre. Check out our buyer's guide to garden furniture to find out how you can keep your outdoor set looking great.

Garden Centres with Garden Furniture in stock near you

Here is a list of garden centres who currently have garden furniture in stock. You never know, you might find your dream set of garden furniture there - visit a garden centre near you today.