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Climbers assortment Hook Home & Garden Centre Ltd


At Hook Home & Garden Centre Ltd you'll find a lot of climbers, whether to soften an expanse of brick wall, hide an eyesore or squeeze in a few more plants when you've run out of room on the ground. What's more, there's such a huge variety you'll never run out of new ones to try – so add a few more to your repertoire this year with a selection from the fantastic range of climbers at Hook Home & Garden Centre Ltd in Hook.

Climbers for every garden at Hook Home & Garden Centre Ltd

Whatever your garden, you can fit in a climber or three: in fact even if you don't have a garden at all you can still grow climbers in containers or even trailing from windowboxes and balconies.

Combine climbers which flower at the same time for double the flower power: roses and clematis are a classic, so try exquisitely beautiful 'Zephirine Drouhin' with Clematis jackmanii, for example. Or pair them so they flower one after the other: a spring wisteria followed by the midsummer glories of the yellow-and-white honeysuckle 'Graham Thomas', perhaps. Ask the staff at our Hampshire garden centre for more suggestions.

Screen out your eyesores with climbers from Hook Home & Garden Centre Ltd in Hampshire

Evergreen climbers are invaluable for their year-round ability to cloak an ugly fuel tank or crumbling shed. One of the best is Trachelospermum jasminoides, with its starry jasmine-like scented flowers and glowing autumn colour. Others to look out for include Clematis armandii, with almond-scented blooms, and for a shady spot the dramatic ivy 'Sulphur Heart' with huge, golden-variegated leaves.

You'll find climbers in flower every day of the year at the garden centre here in Hook, from the butter-yellow winter flowers of Jasminum nudiflorum to spring clematis 'Frances Rivis', joyous summer wisteria and roses, and the autumn-flowering annuals like Cobaea scandens. Visit your Hampshire garden centre to see what's in bloom.

Climber care and support

Whichever climber you choose, put up sturdy supports before you get it home, as once they're laden with flowers these are heavy plants. You'll find everything you need in the garden centre.

Handsome obelisks or hazel wigwams support annual climbers like sweetpeas or Spanish flag, but for perennials you'll need a trellis, firmly fixed to a wall or fence, or a set of sturdy wires fixed horizontally at 30cm intervals using vine eyes. Once you get it home, release your climber from its supports and plant into well-prepared soil or a roomy container. Tie it gently to its new supports, then sit back and enjoy the show.

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