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Perfect for any household and especially those who don’t have gardens - houseplants. Bring the outside in with your favourite house plant. It’s amazing what a houseplant can do and it’s how they can enlighten your mood. They improve air quality, pump oxygen back into the air and they can help reduce stress. Why wouldn't you want a houseplant?

Creating an Indoor Garden with Houseplants

As mentioned above, because of their great influence on de-stressing an area, houseplants are brilliant additions for your home office or workplace. Common houseplants you can try include:

  • Peace Lily aka. Spathiphyllum Wallisii
  • Aloe Vera aka. Aloe
  • Jade Plant aka. Crassula Ovata
  • African Violet aka. Saintpaulia
  • Weeping Fig aka. Ficus Benjamina
  • Bonsai 


Find Houseplants at Your Local Garden Centre

You can find a great selection of houseplants from online garden centres here. Or if you'd prefer to get down to your local garden centre, here is a list of garden centres who currently stock house plants near you, visit soon so you don't miss out!