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Soil and fertilisers assortment Leaf Creative Design Ltd

Soil and fertilisers

Need some soil or fertiliser? Go to Leaf Creative Design Ltd in Huntley. Soil and fertilisers are the building blocks for a healthy garden. Look after the soil and your plants look after themselves, so the saying goes: and with enriched soil, boosted with extra fertilisers from Leaf Creative Design Ltd, your plants shrug off pests and diseases and grow through setbacks like heatwaves and cold snaps with relative ease.

Decide which soil or fertiliser from Leaf Creative Design Ltd will help your garden shine?

Soil improvers are a great boost to your plants, opening up sticky clay soils and holding on to moisture in lighter sand or chalk. Well rotted farmyard manure is a traditional favourite, while composted bark is a coarse textured soil improver which is great for improving heavy soils. Both are available by the bag in your Gloucestershire  garden centre: barrow generously onto your soil in autumn or spring and let the worms pull it down to nourish your soil.

Composts for every need at Leaf Creative Design Ltd

Multipurpose compost is the go-to choice for container plants, providing all they need for at least six weeks. Mix it 50:50 with a soil-based John Innes no. 3 compost for permanent container plantings, such as shrubs or trees: not only is it heavier, so they won't blow over in a gale, but it also holds on to nutrients for longer.

Specialist composts are formulated for particular plants to give them the nutrients they need. Ericaceous compost is perfect for acid-loving plants like blueberries and rhododendrons in containers, while fine-grained, sterilised seed compost gets baby plants off to the best start. You'll also find specialist composts for citrus, orchids and bulbs.

Feed your plants happy with soil and fertiliser from Leaf Creative Design Ltd in Huntley

Fertilisers back up a good-quality soil with a targeted boost, just when they need it. There are two main types: slow-release fertiliser to add to planting holes and scatter over the soil's surface to release its nutrients slowly through the season, and fast-release liquid fertilisers for a more targeted boost.

Pelleted poultry manure and bonemeal are ideal slow-release fertilisers, easily applied straight onto the soil: a fistful per square metre does the trick. You'll also find granular slow-release fertilisers to mix with potting composts and keep pot plants well-fed all year.

For liquid feeding, use a general-purpose tonic like liquid seaweed for an all-round pick-me-up, then switch to targeted liquid fertilisers such as high-potassium tomato food – actually good for encouraging fruits and flowers in any plant - to add to the watering can once a week. 

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