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BLOG; Cleaning the Greenhouse!

23 November 2010
BLOG; Cleaning the Greenhouse!


Cleaning the Greenhouse

During summer when our greenhouse’s are ripe with the scent of tomatoes and other delights its easy to forget the impending maintenance but now whilst there is relatively little in the greenhouse its time to give it a clean out in time for early sowings in just a few weeks time. 

I tend to chose a mild day and empty the greenhouse of everything.  I then sort through what’s useful and what’s really rubbish such as broken seed trays, snapped labels and other bits I kept ‘just in case’.  I then clean out the guttering before getting down to the scrubbing. With warm water, its kinder to your hands, give the glass a good wash down with a soft scrubbing brush before hosing off.  

Once it’s all dry, oil latches, runners and hinges.  At this point I return all non-living material to the greenhouse before lighting a sulphur candle or Biofume alternative to kill off any unwanted lingering pests.  If you prefer to return any overwintering plants to the greenhouse before lighting the candle be sure to opt for the Biofume type, which are safe to use with plants.