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No fuss mushrooms

8 April 2011
No fuss mushrooms

I’ve tried growing mushrooms in the past with little to show for it. I’ve tried a large indoor grow kits, and kits for growing on pieces of tree trunk outdoors.

The indoor kit required a lengthy warm, dark period – the Mrs wasn’t happy with me cultivating mould in the cupboard under the stairs. And on delivery of the outdoor kit, instructions stated that the wood needed for growing had to be cut down while the tree was dormant and spores attached within 6 weeks of cutting. Not great when you buy the kit in the middle of the growing season!

A white mushroom kit normally gives great results, although having failed in previous attempts to grow anything worth writing about, I’ve been reluctant to recommend them in the past - but things seem to be better now.

Growing  button mushrooms

  • Place the covered, pre-spawned substrate in a warm spot out of direct sunlight for 4 days or until the surface has turned white with mycelium.
  • Take the supplied compost bag, pierce a dozen times, place in bowl and pour over 500ml of water. Leave for 30 mins to soak.
  • Spread the compost over the substrate, recover and place in a light spot at around 20-25C until white pin heads appear. At this stage move to a cooler spot (18C) and grow on until the tray is full and ready for harvesting

Quick tip - When harvesting mushrooms, hold at the stalk base and twist before pulling away - Good luck!

Other varietes are available as well such a Shiitake (pictured)

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