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Plant of the Week - Osteospernum

13 May 2011
Plant of the Week - Osteospernum

Osteospermum is a very showy, relatively new summer-flowering plant that is best treated as an annual. They come in a wide range of colours including many shades of pink, blue, white and more recently yellow and orange. Some come with a ring of contrasting colour, right around the yellow centre and others have spoon-shaped petals, also known as the ‘whirly gig’ varieties.

They need a sunny aspect, so always plant in a sunny border or in a pot on a sunny patio, where they will thrive. Water regularly to avoid the plants from drying out and keep well watered, especially the first two weeks after planting! For best results feed your Osteospermums on a weekly basis with a general fertilizer such as Miracle Gro.