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Growing Culinary Herbs In An Urban Environment

11 May 2012
Growing Culinary Herbs In An Urban Environment

Many people who live in apartments in an urban environment believe that the only horticultural options available to them are houseplants. But with just a few clay pots and some high quality potting soil, even those with only a tiny patio can grow their own culinary herbs. Lacking a patio, some types of plants for culinary use can easily be grown on sunny windowsills.

Getting a small urban herb garden started is easy. Necessary supplies can be purchased from any home-and-garden retailer. Terracotta pots are the best type to use for this, though some may prefer to buy decorative ceramic pots as a way to enhance the ambiance of their outdoor living space. Culinary plants usually aren't very particular, although it's recommended that good potting soil be used. Some types of potting soil come infused with fertilizer, eliminating the need to make an extra purchase.

Whether to start culinary plants from seed or to buy small starts from a garden center is up to individual preference. Although there is something magical about seeing a seed sprout and watching a plant grow, more immediate rewards are possible with plants that are already started. Those who live in northern climates with short growing seasons may want to forgo starting from seed unless they do so on a windowsill that has adequate light several weeks before the date of the last frost in their specific area. People who live in semi-tropical climates can grow most culinary plants during any month of the year, though some cultivars may need protection from the hot summer sun.

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