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Palace Flower Show 2012 raises awareness of Overactive Bladder

8 June 2012
Palace Flower Show 2012 raises awareness of Overactive Bladder

Award-winning designer and founder of Bestique, Anoushka Feiler, has teamed up with Astellas Pharma Ltd to design a conceptual Show Garden for the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Following the precedent set by the iconic pink tap (2010) and the giant revolving granite sphere (2011), this year’s garden ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ has been designed to continue to raise awareness of Overactive Bladder (OAB), and demonstrate that help to manage the condition is available.

OAB is a recognised medical condition for which effective medication and other treatment options are available. However, many people experiencing the symptoms of OAB are too embarrassed to seek help from their doctor2, and use coping strategies that can severely impact their quality of life – both emotionally and physically.3,4,5

Dominated by a brimming pool of water, the garden’s whirlpool water feature symbolises the distressing and unpredictable need to relieve the bladder, which can lead people with OAB to feel isolated5, depressed3 and alone.5 A bridge over the ‘troubled water’, lined with vibrant flowers and tall trees draws the eye upwards out of the mire, to a pathway leading to hope and relief. This bridge symbolises the steps that people with OAB can take, to seek help for the condition and control their OAB symptoms.

Anoushka Feiler, winner of last year’s People’s Choice Award for ‘Best Garden’ with ‘Excuse me while I kiss the sky’, commented: “My desire with this garden is to take visitors on a journey from the sinking feeling of despair, symbolised by the expanse of water, to the relief of finding help to manage the condition symbolised by the bright and airy bridge. If you suffer from OAB it just takes one step on the pathway to success to help to start improving your life.”
Dr Christian Jessen and Dr Dawn Harper from Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies and Embarrassing Illnesses will both be present at the garden on Press Day, Monday 2nd July 2012.

Dr Dawn Harper commented: “Many people with OAB don’t realise that they may be changing their behaviour to cope with a bladder problem, for example going to the toilet before they leave the house ‘just in case’, or planning in advance where the next loo stop is. This can be hugely stressful, so we want to encourage people to believe that they don’t have to put up with it. Take those steps to control your bladder, and speak to your GP.”

Dr Christian Jessen commented: “There is a real call to action this year to encourage people to talk openly about having OAB and to seek the help they need to deal with it. We want to reassure those affected by OAB that they are not alone and that help is available. My advice is to speak to your doctor who can advise you on a number of treatment options.”