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Gardeners' World Episode 18

15 August 2012
Gardeners' World Episode 18

As the garden reaches an abundance of growth in August, it is the pond, hedges and edges of the garden which are the focus of attention. In the pond, the growth of algae is at its height, so Monty recommends some plants which will eventually improve the quality of the water and help to prevent this unwelcome growth. He also gets going on cutting the hedges and mowing areas of the garden where the grass has been left to grow, so that the wildflowers can seed themselves ready for next year's display.

Joe visits a garden on a Welsh mountainside and finds out how the owner has risen to the challenging topography, frequent torrential downpours and often waterlogged site, and made a lush, colourful and verdant garden.

And at Glebe Cottage, Carol answers viewers' queries about the proliferation of slugs and snails in our gardens this year. She recommends some plants we can add to our gardens which molluscs won't be so keen to munch on.

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