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Get water wise

Lisa Garden on 13-08-2013

Get water wise this summer for savings on your water bills and to beat the drought conditions which have afflicted many gardeners in recent months.


These days it's hard to tell whether we'll be facing flooding or hosepipe bans: so it makes sense to hope for the best and prepare for the worst, saving rainwater when there's plenty of it so you've got good reserves for when there isn't. Here are just a few of the ways you can drought-proof your garden:


Stock up on water butts: In your local garden centre or online you'll find a huge stock of water butts in a range of different finishes, plus downpipe kits and other useful gadgets to make storing water easier.


Water only in the evening or early morning so you don't lose so much to evaporation – and really soak your plants each time, rather than just sprinkling lightly.


Dig lots of organic matter into your soil: it not only feeds your plants, it also acts like a sponge to hold on to water and release it as needed.


Plant new trees, shrubs and perennials in autumn and spring when the ground is already damp: that way the roots establish well before summer hits, and can cope with dry weather better.