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Paving in Pembrokeshire

The type of paving you choose for your garden is just as important as the plants you decide to grow to add the colour and texture that you’re looking for. If paving is on your to-do list anytime soon, then visit The Garden Centre Guide, where you will find plenty of garden centres in your area, selling a wide variety of paving materials in Pembrokeshire for you to choose from, including paving slabs, stone, slate and much, much more.

Faced with such a variety of choices can be overwhelming, but by reading further, you will find out exactly how to choose the right paving materials for your garden in Pembrokeshire.

Basically, there are two categories of paving materials that are most widely available, namely composite material and quarried stone.

  • Composite materials – brick and precast concrete pavers fall under this category. They are processed and moulded when the mixture is soft and then fired or left to dry and set.
  • Quarried stone – slate and granite are included in this category. As the name implies, these materials are dug from the earth and are then formed into shapes by crushing, splitting or cutting.

If you know how to choose the right paving materials for your garden, finding the material to suit your specific design can be a lot of fun.

What choices do I have?

The choices of paving materials you will have available to you include:

Quarried stone

  • Sandstone – one of the more popular paving materials, sandstone is easy to work with, comes in an enormous range of colours and is readily available
  • Gravel – being inexpensive, gravel is ideal for those working to a budget. It is easily installed and has an appealing texture
  • Slate – extremely attractive and easy to shape, slate is available in a wide range of beautiful pastel colours
  • Granite – incredibly strong and durable, granite is long-lasting and available in a huge range of colours
  • Limestone – uniform colours and easy to shape, limestone, with its fine and velvety texture, is ideal for paths and patios

Composite materials

Composite paving materials are more flexible and come in a wider range of price options than quarried stone. Since they are moulded into set sizes, precast composite pavers are frequently easier to install than stone. As with quarried stone pavers, composite pavers offer a wide range of styles, textures and colours.

  • Concrete pavers - if you’re working to a budget, concrete pavers are the way to go. They are durable, easy to work with and come in a wide variety of size, texture and colour options
  • Poured concrete – one of the toughest, most permanent paving options around, poured concrete provides durable and diverse paving in a garden. It can be textured, sculpted, or inlaid with gravel or other materials to fit in perfectly with any garden design
  • Brick – sometimes referred to as the aristocrat of composite paving, brick is available just about anywhere and is ideal for use in any garden, from a small cottage garden to a huge garden surrounding a mansion. It can be installed in all types of patterns and fits in well with plants and just about any other type of paving material

Visit The Garden Centre Guide to find all of the above types of paving materials quickly and easily. Depending on what you choose, paving can be an inexpensive way to add plenty of appeal to your garden. Why not try something different and choose a few types of paving to create your own exciting, unique paving design for your garden? Buy and compare paving materials online today or find a garden centre in Pembrokeshire selling paving products.

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