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Farm shop in Tyrone

The Garden Centre Guide is an absolute gold mine for finding just about any type of gardening advice and an amount of garden-related products that is mind-boggling. There are many garden centres in the UK that also have a farm shop available in the centre. Farm shops are a popular extension for rural garden stores.

Some of these garden centres are near you, so you are almost guaranteed to find one or two of them that offer the products you are looking for or advice on how you can grow them in your own garden. 

What are the benefits of buying produce from a farm shop?

Apart from it being a more pleasant experience to shop for produce from a happy, vibrant farmer’s market rather than from a supermarket, there are several other very good reasons for purchasing from farm shops, including:

  • Fruits and veggies at cheaper prices – buying fruit and vegetables at farm shops are always cheaper than getting them from your local supermarket. 
  • Support for the farmers and your local economy – not only will your purchases keep money in your area, but you will also be supporting the local farmers that work so hard to grow the food that you’re buying. 
  • Everything you eat will be in season – a lot of the food that you buy in supermarkets has been picked too early and kept in freezers, which causes a lot of the nutrients to be lost. By buying from local farmers, however, you can be certain that whatever you eat is seasonal, ripened naturally, and super fresh!
  • Wider variety to choose from – every farmer grows his own variety of fruit and vegetables so you have many more choices. With supermarkets, on the other hand, you are forced to buy what they have available. 
  • Fresher veggies and fruit – buying food from your local farms is always fresher because since it has been grown locally, the chances are good that it was only picked a day or two before you buy it. This is something that no big supermarket can do. 
  • Tastier – it is a known fact that locally-grown fruit and vegetables are fresher and taste a whole lot better too. Once you’ve eaten foods bought from a farm shop, you will never want to buy them from a supermarket again! 
  • Healthier – there is no doubt at all that eating foods that are fresh and grown locally are way better for your health. 
  • A great way to get connected with your local community – not only is shopping at farmer’s markets cheaper and healthier, but it is also a fun way for the whole family to get to know the farmers and other people in your community. 

To enjoy all the above benefits of buying and eating foods from a farm shop, visit The Garden Centre Guide to find the links to several farm shops where you can buy fresh produce. You will also find a few garden centres in your area where you can get all the advice you need to grow your own fruit and vegetables in your garden and have an all-year-round supply of fresh and healthy food for you and your family.