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Wimberry Hill Garden Centre

Allmans Heath Cottage Woodhead Road
Glossop, SK13 7QE

01457 854455[email protected]

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LIZ SWINDELLS 2016-05-31 01:16:00

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I have visited Wimberry Hill Garden Centre many times. I often think it is in the most beautiful setting and they have a car park. They have a good selection of healthy plants, planters etc. I must admit I haven't visited their cafe/restaurant, but from what I can see, it is very popular with customers visiting the garden centre. There is an outdoor seating area, near the cafe, overlooking the Derbyshire Hills, the views are spectacular. It is a beautiful place to take your friends and family for a coffee or lunch. The staff are happy to give you advice on your purchases and are friendly too. I believe they have activities for children. You would need to give them a call about that. Next time you visit Glossop, call into Wimberry Hill Garden Centre, you won't be disappointed.

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