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Fireworks assortment Allington Nursery


Buy spectacular fireworks at Allington Nursery in Eastleigh. Fireworks aren't just for the fifth of November: these days you can create your own spectacular display for any special occasion, whether it's your birthday, New Year, a wedding, anniversary or just because you feel like a party. Allington Nursery have put together a range of great value fireworks to help your party go with a bang.

A rocketing good time with fireworks from Allington Nursery in Eastleigh

Choosing from the dazzling range of fireworks available can be daunting, but take it step-by-step and you'll have the display you've always dreamed of.

The first consideration is timing: you'll want to satisfy your guests without keeping them from the rest of the party too long. Think about how long your display should last: for Fireworks Night we recommend a full-length display of up to 30 minutes, while for the finale of a wedding celebration or party you'll probably want something a little shorter – say ten minutes.

Planning your display of Allington Nursery fireworks

Next, think about how your display will go. Try to give it a structure, perhaps building to a grand climax or special effect full of rockets, fountains or large-scale 'cakes' of coloured bangers and sparklers.

Go for a big opening to get everyone's attention: then rotate through several different effects, making sure none last too long and trying to vary the spectacle as much as you can. Make sure your firing schedule is really slick, with no gaps or pauses, starting the next fireworks before the current ones end if possible.

Fireworks safety considerations

All Allington Nursery fireworks comply with British safety standards: you'll find two scales of fireworks on sale in your Hampshire  garden centre with a minimum safety distance between the crowd and the display of five metres, and for larger fireworks displays, a minimum safety distance of 25 metres. Make sure you can keep this distance between your audience and the fireworks: if in doubt, go for the smaller ones (they still make a fantastic display!)

If you're using rockets, make sure the debris won't fall into other people's gardens: in built-up areas stick to cakes that will produce just as spectacular a display but without the fallout. The staff at Allington Nursery in Eastleigh can talk you through how to set up and enjoy your fireworks in safety and explain the simple precautions you should take for a trouble-free night.

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