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5 common gardening mistakes to avoid

Lisa Garden on 30-01-2018

Many people think of gardening as an extremely easy job. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems to be, particularly for a beginner. Many gardeners make costly mistakes due to lack of awareness. Although you learn the most from your own mistakes, you can benefit from the experience of expert gardeners and avoid making mistakes that might cost you your beautiful garden. Here, we’ve compiled a list of most common gardening mistakes that many gardeners make.


1. Overwatering Plants

Although under-watering may cause plants to wither, overwatering your garden severely endangers your plants. Puddles of water will form in your garden since soil won’t be able to absorb all this water. It damages the root system of plants. Young plants need plenty of water. However, watering plants and trees all the time will have a negative effect on their strength.

Before planting your garden, check the health of the soil. It will give you a better understanding of how much water the soil can easily absorb.


2. Improper Spacing

Many gardeners don’t leave sufficient space between rows of plants in their gardens. Overcrowded garden blocks sunlight for smaller plants. Roots of strong and grown up plants spread in the soil to search for water and nutrients, depriving the saplings of required nutrients. However, if plants are planted too close to each other, they may die due to suffocation and lack of food.

Create a plan before growing plants in your garden. Get in touch with expert gardeners to know more about spacing instructions for different varieties of plants.


3. Planting At the Wrong Time

Not many gardeners are aware of the impact of weather on different plants. Carry out some research on plants you want to grow in your garden. Plant seeds or seedlings at the right time of the year so that they don’t get damaged. Avoid planting seedlings in early springs, since late frost may kill them.


4. Not Pruning Plants

Regular trimming and pruning of trees and plants is essential to protect plants from diseases. Some fruits and flowers grow best on new growth only. Therefore, you can significantly increase the yield by getting rid of damaged branches. Also, you ought to know the best pruning techniques for desired results.

Another common mistake made by gardeners is hard pruning at the wrong time. Avoid spring plants and shrubs during their flowering season. You should rather prune and trim these plants at the end of spring season. It will give ample time for the growth of flowers and fruits.


5. Leaving Weeds in Your Garden

Weeds can damage your garden like nothing else. If you overlook the growth of weeds, they may cover your entire garden before you know it. As soon as you notice any weeds, get rid of them before they become a nuisance. Weeds should be removed along with their roots to prevent their growth in future. You can also use herbicides to get rid of wild plants and weeds.


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