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Top 5 reasons why your garden needs mulch

Lisa Garden on 15-05-2018

Whether you own a vegetable garden or have flowering plants in your front garden, you should get garden mulch for your beautiful garden. You can either purchase it here or prepare it on your own. Not every gardener uses mulch in their garden. However, it has many benefits to offer!  Let’s take a look at some prominent reasons why you should opt for garden mulch:


1. Promotes Soil Health

In order to keep your plants healthy, you’ll need mulch. Both synthetic and organic mulch is good for your garden.

It keeps soil healthy and protects plants from many diseases. Earthworms and other micro-organisms assist in improving soil structure. Mulch provides them with food and encourages them to make a home in your garden. Therefore, mulch promotes soil health in a natural way.


2. Control Weed Growth

You’ll never let weeds grow in your garden if only you know about its threats!

Weeds are extremely harmful to your garden. They grow rapidly and take over the gardening space in no time. They consume a high amount of water and nutrients from the soil, making it difficult for your plants to obtain food material.

Aside from removing weeds, it’s best to use garden mulch. Weeds tend to grow in the free space of your garden. So, don’t forget to add mulch to the soil. It’ll prevent the growth of weeds by limiting the number of sunrays they obtain.


3. Prevents Pest Infestation

Pest infestation is the worst nightmare for any gardener. When pests target your garden, nothing can stay safe. The easiest and eco-friendly way of preventing pest infestation is to use mulch in the garden.

Certain types of mulch, such as cedar bark, prove to be effective in dealing with insects and pests. Its strong fragrance repels pests and thereby, keeps plants healthy.

When pest infested soil comes in contact with leaves, not only does it makes plant leaves dirty, it also spreads diseases. By applying a layer of mulch over the garden soil, you can reduce the risk of losing your plants.


4. Helps Soil Retain Moisture and Nutrients

Plants obtain water and nutrients from the soil. However, if the soil isn’t able to retain moisture, your plants may die of thirst and hunger.

For the sake of your plants, you should use some garden mulch. It’ll help the soil retain moisture and nutrients for longer and aid in the growth of plants.


5. Helps Plants Survive Extreme Weather

Plants are likely to suffer in extreme weather conditions. However, you need not to worry if you’re using mulch in your garden.

During hot weather, it keeps the soil cool and moist so that your plants don’t wither due to extreme heat. On the other hand, it prevents soil from freezing during extremely cold weather. This way, it helps plant roots get sufficient food from the soil.


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