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6 absurd gardening myths you should never believe

Whether you already have a beautiful garden or looking forward to growing one, you may have heard many gardening advices. Many people blindly believe every advice they hear and often end up losing their precious gardens. Do not act upon an advice unless you know it is from a reliable source. Let’s take a look at a few gardening myths that you should never believe.


Myth#1: Do Not Water Drought-Tolerant Plants

Some people do not water drought-tolerant plants in their gardens. They believe that the plant roots will obtain water and mineral from soil and there is no need to water them. However, if you do not want to lose your plants, never trust such advice. These plants don’t need water regularly, but it is recommended to keep soil fairly moist around them. Young plants need more water, since their roots aren’t fully developed and they may die due to lack of water.


Myth#2: Organic Pesticides Are Safe

Chemical pesticides are extremely harmful for your garden. Many gardeners opt for organic products in order to keep their garden safe from pests and insects. Although these products are made from natural elements, they are still hazardous to plants as well as people.


Myth#3: Pruning Cuts Should Be Painted

It is a common practice to paint wounds and pruning cuts on trees with tar. It is believed that tar and other compounds prohibit the entry of insects. However, these compounds do not prove to be effective in keeping a tree healthy. It is due to the natural healing process of the tree that a tough layer is formed around the cuts, which keeps diseases at bay.


Myth#4: It Is Necessary to Stake Young Trees

Many gardeners try to secure young trees with stakes. The purpose of the stake is to ensure that the young plant doesn’t get damaged due to strong winds. However, it affects the strength of the tree. Plants need the support of a stake during their initial 18 months. Remove the stakes after a year and a half so that the tree doesn’t become reliant on it.


Myth#5: Do Not Water Plants at Mid-Day

A majority of gardeners believe that plants shouldn’t be watered around mid-day. Sunlight reaching the plant leaves through water drops may cause sunburn. However, there is no truth in this statement. Water evaporates from the leaves before sunrays can damage the plants. Some hairy plants, such as ferns, may bear some damage, since their leaves hold water drops for longer.


Myth#6: Add Sand to Improve Clay Soil Drainage

Waterlogging is a common problem in clay soil which affects the growth of plants. Gardeners add sand to clay soil in an attempt to improve its drainage. However, it can worsen the situation. You can use compost to resolve the drainage problem.

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