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6 effective ways to protect your garden from the Cold

Lisa Garden on 22-12-2017

Cold and frost are one of the biggest threats to a garden. Plants cannot sustain in low temperatures and plant cells may burst due to snow, leading to damages. Moreover, soil becomes rock solid when the temperature falls below freezing points. Under such circumstances, plants cannot obtain water or nutrients from soil. It is essential to take effective preventive measures in order to keep your garden safe during extremely cold weather.


1.Choose Plants Suitable for Your Climate

Grow plants in your garden that can sustain in local climate. It will save you from a lot of trouble down the road and you won’t need to worry about your plants during cold. You can ask other expert gardeners to know more about plants that are suitable for your local climate.


2.Cover Plants

Keep your plants covered with old bed sheets or commercial frost cloths that are specially designed to provide protection against frost. Many gardeners use plastic sheets to cover shrubs, small trees or plants. However, they don’t prove to be much effective in keeping frost away. Cover your garden at night and remove the drapes early in the morning. Do not keep them covered the entire day since they’ll wither in no time if they don’t obtain sufficient sunlight.


3.Add a Layer of Mulch

Apply a thick layer of mulch above the garden soil. It is an effective insulator that traps heat, water and nutrients in the soil. It efficiently protects the root system so that your plants can stay fresh and healthy. Use mulch made of pine straw or wheat. It is recommended to add 2-3 inches thick layer for desired results. You can remove the mulch layer as the temperature starts to increase.


4.Build a Greenhouse

Build a greenhouse or a temporary cold frame to protect your garden. Put some metal rods in the ground around your garden in the form of loops. Place a large fabric piece over this frame in order to protect your precious plants. It will protect your garden from freezing while trapping heat inside. Although the frame may not look too attractive, it is an effective way of keeping your garden safe.


5.Keep Soil Moist

Keep the soil around your plants fairly moist, since wet soil can trap heat more effectively. Heavily water the soil in your garden before a snowfall is expected. Water will slowly evaporate from soil and provide warm air to your plants.


6.Move Plant Pots

Plants growing in plant pots are usually more vulnerable to winter cold. If you can move any planter or plant pots in indoor space, it will protect them from frost and strong winds. However, cover them with fabric sheets or blankets if they’re too heavy to move.

Visit a local garden centre to know more about plants that are suited to your climate and can sustain in cold weather. Garden Centre Guide is an online platform that will help you find garden centres near you.