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What to do in the garden in February:

With the garden waking up, we're revving up for the season this month: time to get outside and revel in the beauty of emerging spring bulbs and bright, frosty mornings. Here's what to be getting on with right now:

General tasks:
Have a last weed through before easily damaged new shoots emerge on shrubs and perennials.
Refresh tired containers after winter by removing the top 5cm of old compost and replacing with new (add slow-release fertiliser for an extra boost).

Ornamental garden:
Start begonia tubers in a warm room or greenhouse, planted hollow side up in damp compost.
Stock up on lilies as they'll be flying off the shelves this month: plant in moisture-retentive, well-drained soil in big groups.
Split up snowdrop clumps after they've finished flowering and replant immediately to spread them round the garden.

Kitchen garden:
Get runner bean trenches ready, filling 30cm deep trenches with newspaper, kitchen waste and manure. Top off with soil for a rich, deep soil your beans will love.
Force rhubarb by covering with a forcer, large bucket or dustbin so it grows tender and sweet in the dark.
Chit new potato tubers, encouraging them to sprout early by popping them in eggboxes with the end with most 'eyes' uppermost.