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How to grow mint plants the right way

Lisa Garden on 24-07-2018

Thinking of starting your herb garden? You should begin with mint plants.

Mint is a fragrant herb that flavours many recipes. It’s an easy-to-grow plant that needs plenty of water and sunlight to stay fresh. But the roots of these plants may spread far and wide in search of food. So, if you want to protect other plants in your garden from drought, you should grow mint in a planter.


How to Plant Mint

Mint plants like well-drained soil, so prepare the soil before growing these plants. Add a layer of mulch and compost so that the soil can retain moisture and the nutrients.

It’s best to plant mint during the spring season so they can grow well. But if you live in a frost-free area, you can also plant it during the fall. Whether you want to plant it in your front garden or in plant pots, ensure that the seedlings are at least 15 cm apart. This will allow them to obtain water and essential nutrients from the soil.

Most varieties of mint thrive in direct sunlight. So, make sure your plants gets abundant natural light for the growth. During winters, you can move the plant pots indoors to protect them from cold and frost.


How to Care for the Mint Plants

Although mint is a low-maintenance plant, you should take good care of it to maintain your herb garden. These plants prefer moist soil and therefore, you should water them regularly. Water the soil and water it if it appears dry.

Pests and harmful bacteria can also target your plants. So, don’t forget to use pesticides in your garden. For this purpose, you can prepare a natural pesticide and insecticide solution at home.

Mix a tablespoon of chilli powder with water and add a few drops of mild dishwashing soap. Transfer this mixture to a spray bottle and shake it well. You can spray it over mint plants to keep pests and insects at bay.


Harvesting Fresh Mint

When it comes to mint plants, you should know how to harvest them the right way.

It takes around 2 months after planting mint that you can harvest it. Give plants ample time before harvesting so they can root in the soil. You should harvest it when the leaves are young, for the older leaves lose their aroma and wither in no time.

Cut the stem about 1 inch from the ground so that new leaves can grow. This way, you can harvest a plant 2 to 3 times a growing season.

Small mint flowers usually bloom from June to September. These flowers tend to reduce the harvesting season of mint. Trim the flower buds before the blooming season to extend the harvesting season as well as limit the growth of the plants.

Mint plant is difficult to grow from seeds. Therefore, you should buy its seedlings from a nearby garden centre or nursery to grow mint. With the help of Garden Centre Guide, you can easily locate nurseries and garden centres operating around the UK. Or buy them as plants here.