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How to plant and grow Asparagus?

Lisa Garden on 05-09-2017

Asparagus time! When looking for inspiration on what to plant in the garden in September, you will not miss the word ‘Asparagus’ as it appears in almost every top 10 on what to grow in September. As such, we cannot ignore the Asparagus hype. Especially because growing Asparagus is mostly associated with early spring, as soon as the soil can be worked. However, certain Asparagus varieties are also good for planting in autumn, helping the Asparagus establish a little quicker. Take, for example, the ‘Purple Pacific’ and ‘Guelph Millenium’. While it takes quite some time, about two years, before you can cut your own crop, it will pay off especially considering the prices of Asparagus from the supermarket! Hence, we would like to help you get started by sharing this video with you, in this video Thompson & Morgan TV will answer all the questions that you have thought of while reading this article!

You might need quite some patience, but with only ten plants you can expect to produce a decent crop and once established, the plants will continue to produce tender and delicious asparagus. There are multiple Asparagus varieties good for planting in September, please visit your garden centre to get some advice! Meanwhile, you might want to check some Jamie Oliver Asparagus recipes!