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How to prepare organic compost the right way?

Lisa Garden on 13-04-2018

Organic compost: food waste is a growing problem around the globe. Approximately one-third of the entire world’s food goes to waste. In order to reduce food waste, you can use it as compost in your garden. This way, not only will you protect the environment from waste production, but also increase the yield of your garden with the help of organic compost.  


Why You Should Compost Your Garden

Not many beginner gardeners are aware of the benefits of organic compost. Here are some major reasons why it’s a good practice to compost your garden:

  • Compost improves the quality of soil for plants
  • It gets rid of contaminating compounds and nasty odours from the garden
  • It prevents soil erosion
  • It reduces the emission of methane and other harmful gases in the environment
  • It moderates soil temperature
  • It aids soil in retaining water and nutrients


How to Prepare Organic Compost

Now that you know about the top benefits of composting, you should also compost your home garden. Here’s how you can prepare organic compost:  


Choose a Compost Bin

In order to prepare compost, you’ll need composting bins. Choose a regular container to store compost ingredients. Make sure that the container is made of lasting material so as to keep rodents and other small animals at bay. Buy a nice compost bin online here.

It’s best to opt for a stationery compost bin. These containers are sealed from the sides, whereas open at the bottom and have access from the top. This way, you can easily add compost ingredients and release them directly to the soil.

You can also use a compost tumbler for convenience. These are much easier to use and prepare compost in a far lesser time. If you want to further quicken the composting, it’s recommended to keep the tumbler out in the sunlight. However, make sure that small wildlife doesn’t target the compost bin.


Add Compost Materials

Once your compost bin is ready, add composting ingredients. Start with a layer of dry and brown materials and then cover it with a layer of green materials. Make sure you don’t put in any bones, oil, weeds, or meat in the container.


Moisten the Materials

Don’t forget that you need to keep the compost moist. Add water regularly to the compost bin so that the material stays moist and fresh. You can also cover the compost materials with a tarp so that it retains moisture easily.


Turn Compost

Some people forget the compost bin after adding layers of materials. However, you need to regularly check it so that your efforts don’t go waste. With the help of a pitchfork or a shovel, turn this compost every now and then. This will add oxygen to the mixture and speed up the composting process. It may take you a few months to prepare organic compost.  


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