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How to use weed as compost in your garden

Lisa Garden on 31-07-2018

Composting your garden is a must to support the growth of plants. You can use organic matters such as fallen leaves, paper, grass crippling, dead plants and leftover food items to compost your garden.

But did you know you can also use weeds to enrich the soil? Probably not!

Weeds are wild plants that grow on their own and can quickly ruin your gardening efforts if you don’t remove them at the earliest.

Always remove the roots of these plants to effectively get rid of the problem. However, they can help you keep your plants healthy and provide them with an ample supply of the nutrients.

If you intend to use weeds for composting, you need to be extra careful so that these unwanted plants can’t take over your entire gardening space. So, here are some useful tips that will make the task easier for you:


  • Try hot composting

Hot composting is an effective way of turning organic matter into a compost pile within a brief time. Hot composting is suitable for weeds since it quickly decomposes the plants before they can spread around.

Hot composting also kills off seeds and pathogens. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the growth of weed plants in your garden despite adding them to the soil.


  • Solarise weeds

You may not know how to solarise weeds. But it simply means you should enclose the weeds in a plastic bag and keep them at a safe place where they receive direct sunlight. Make sure there are no holes in the package.

In a month or two, the weeds will turn unrecognisable. Now, you can add them to your compost pile without worrying about their growth.


  • Avoid weeds that have gone to seed

You can use weeds to compost the soil, but it’s best to avoid those weeds that have already set seeds. It’s because when you spread the compost pile in your garden, the weeds will start to grow due to the access to sunlight and air.

Therefore, make sure the compost pile is free of the seeds if you want to avoid the weed issue.


Why You Should Add Weeds to a Compost Pile

Composting refers to the process of degrading organic matter. It helps you make the soil suitable for the growth of plants. Weeds are unwanted plants that can become a nuisance in no time. But instead of throwing them away, you can add them to a compost pile.

There’s no harm in making the most of weed plants by adding them to your compost pile if you’re being careful. On the other hand, if you use them just like any other organic matter, nothing can stop their growth.

Even if you remove weeds from your garden regularly, they will grow again from the seeds present in the soil.


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