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Lockdown DIY Drive

During a time when home improvements are sweeping the world as we are forced to stay at home and stay safe, reaching for the toolbox and exploring your DIY scope is everyone’s new favourite pastime. That’s where Boels tool hire comes in, solving empty toolbox crises in both the long and short term. Or, if your ambitions have outgrown putting shelves up and tightening hinges, there’s Boels mini digger hire to help you dig that pond you dreamed about, or lay the foundations of the summer house that’ll really top off your garden when summer finally comes around.

Lockdown DIY has taken a vice-like grip on Europe, with the UK seeing a 10% increase on DIY related sales - and Boels tool hire is part of the revolution. With over 430 branches throughout Europe, there’s always a store near you as well as the usual online options. With little to do but improve the space we are confined to for the foreseeable, Boels tool hire are the one stop shop you need to take your property to the next level.

DIY needn’t be reserved for those that studied woodwork at school, but is instead a genuine hobby that benefits all involved. Thousands of families up and down the country are tearing up the garden with Boels mini digger hire for their aspirations, and thousands more are relying on tool hire for the smaller jobs that get left behind. With time to plan and execute instead of dreaming and talking, properties are being transformed without the need for expensive labourers and specialists with their own tools.

With working from home here to stay, home offices are popping up in gardens across the world and there’s no better helping hand than Boels to get the job done. These are simple structures intended to be a safe space from noise and distraction, and are being constructed by just about anyone with the space in their garden. Boels mini digger hire is on hand for the foundations, with Boels tool hire there for the rest.

Whatever the project, it’s clear that the right tools for the job are a must. But if you don’t intend on carrying on with your DIY explorations, perhaps hiring could be best for you. That’s what makes Boels tool hire and mini digger hire perfect - they’re there when you need them, but won’t outstay their welcome. Plan your project, reap the rewards and return your tools - as easy as that.