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National Conifer Week 2017

Lisa Garden on 29-09-2017

This year’s National Conifer Week takes place from 30 September until 7 October 2017. This week is organised by the British Conifer Group, encouraging retailers to inspire their customers upon the great advantages that conifers have to offer. By using eye-catching displays and demonstrating the diversity of conifers available to the public, the conifer is highlighted as an extremely versatile and clever plant.

Why is such a National Conifer Week necessary? A lot of customers are not very willing to buy conifers in fear of the plants getting too big. What they do not know is that conifers can function as great building blocks in every garden and have good aesthetic qualities. Furthermore, conifers are available in a great many textures, colours, shapes and sizes.

By dedicating a whole week to the conifer, the BCG wants to celebrate the uniqueness and the variety of the conifer. Apparently, not all people are convinced yet about the added value of this plant in the garden. That is why retailers should create a greater awareness about the possibilities of this wonderful plant. What better time to do this than National Conifer Week?