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5 easy tips for beginners to make your garden more attractive

A well-tended, prim and proper garden captures the eye of the onlooker like few other things can. Your garden can be a place of fragrance, design and ecological life attracted to your vegetation. Picture cheeping sparrows, lilting robins, bouncing bunnies, ladylike tulips peeping through the grass and bursting daffodils adding a splash of colour to your front yard. No matter how inexperienced of a gardener you may be, you can have your garden appear like a place of a fairytale with some consistent effort in the right direction.

Let’s go through some simple things that can make an impactful difference to your garden, making it more pleasurable for you and your visitors. Here are 5 easy tips for beginners to make your garden more attractive:


1. Add flowering plants

You can use flowering plants of different kinds to add a variety of colours in your garden like paints on a canvas. With various flowering species that vary in colour and texture, you can play around with contrast. Many gardeners like to plant flowering plants of contrasting colours next to each other for a complementary effect. If you want to plant vegetables and herbs, you can find lots of them that produce flowers as well. Spring onions, chives, thyme and pineapple sage some of the common flowering vegetable plants people like to plant to fill their garden with colours. 


2. Group plants according to similar colour and foliage

Grouping plants can make a huge difference in the appeal of your garden. Allot particular areas in your garden according to a particular theme that include plants with the same colour and foliage. Try out different combinations. Step back and take a look at the combinations that look good together. Try planting four or more same coloured flowers instead of a single plant in a pot. You can also surround these combinations with flowers of contrasting colours to add a frame.


3. Use decorative pots

The simple use of feature containers and colourful pots can create focal points in your garden. The plants don’t have to be the only highlighted aspects of the garden; you can use special pots to make a statement too. You can make your decorative containers appear as a key highlighting feature by surrounding it with more subtle plants or pots surrounding it. However, make sure that the pots you use to surround your focal decorative pot are smaller.


4. Weed control

This is an ongoing aspect of gardening and can never take a break. You need to remove the weeds that are competing with all the plants you want to have in your garden and possibly inhibiting their growth. Don’t let these freeloaders compromise the potential of your garden and nullify your efforts. A good way to deter the weeds from growing is to add mulch.


5. Creating diversity

Planting plants according to particular colour themes is a useful design trick many expert gardeners use. This simple technique can add beauty to your garden if you know your colour combinations well. Plant yellow and orange plants together such as orange marigolds with yellow capsicums. Have your purples grouped together like eggplants, purple basil and rosemary. Additionally, the combination of blue, grey and white will go along with pretty much any of the surrounding plants. Creating a diversity of plant species can also attract different birds and insects to your garden to enhance its natural appeal.