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Planting a Coastal Garden

For those lucky enough to live by the coast there are however a few problems posed to the gardener. Strong, often salty winds are probably the main problem for the coastal gardener to contend with. But with appropriate shelter from the wind and a few well chosen plants, coastal gardens have a magic all of their own. Here is a short guide to gardening by the sea and a few plants that will positively thrive in a coastal environment.

To garden successfully in exposed areas a strong windbreak against coastal winds is essential and will widen the choice of plants you can choose to grow. The best form of wind break is in the form of trees or shrubs which will help to filter the wind and lessen its impact. Alternatively you can use polypropylene webbing but this will not look as natural. It is not advisable to use a solid structure such as a fence as this can cause turbulence and other problems.

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