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Protect your pets from springtime allergies - 5 useful tips

Lisa Garden on 16-03-2018

Spring allergies are common among people. Pollens, dust and outdoor mould affect the quality of air and spread allergic reactions. Its symptoms include itchy skin, sneezing, red eyes, and flu. The symptoms may last for a month or more and tend to target old people and children since they have a weaker immune system. Besides that, your pets could also become a victim of springtime allergies. Shocking, right? 

Pet dogs and cats are especially vulnerable to springtime allergies. If pet owners fail to take good care of pets, they may experience severe allergic reactions and affect your health as well. As such, here’s a brief guide on how you can protect your pet dogs and cats from spring allergy and other health issues:


1. Limit Outdoor Walks

Pet dogs love walking and running outdoors. However, you have to restrict them for their own good. Avoid taking a long walk with your pet in a meadow, through tall grass or on a dusty road to prevent catching allergy.

The pollen count is relatively high in the spring season and you or your dog may suffer if you’re not careful. Take your dog out only when the pollen count in the air is low. Furthermore, make sure your dog doesn’t go out right after you’ve mowed your lawn.


2. Consider Weather Conditions

There’s no harm in taking your dog out for a walk after a rain or during cloudy weather. It’s because pollen count in the air is lower at that time and there’s a lesser risk of catching allergies. This way, your pets will be able to enjoy a walk in a safe way.


3. Wipe Feet of Your Pets

Once your pet returns home after a walk, don’t forget to wipe its feet. Dogs may bring in allergens that can spread allergies and other diseases. Use a wet towel, or preferably hypo-allergenic moist wipes, for this purpose. This way, you can ensure a safe and free of allergens indoor space for your pets as well as your family.


4. Buy Allergy Bedding Covers

Aside from pollens, dust mites are also a major source of springtime allergies. You can protect your pets from dust mites with the help of allergy bedding covers. These beddings are easily available in the market and provide resistance against dust allergies. Invest in some allergy covers to protect your pets from this nuisance.


5.Terminate Fleas

Fleas are small insects that survive on the blood of humans and animals. If your garden is infested with fleas, they may target your pet when it goes out for a walk. So, use preventive methods to protect your pet dog or cat from fleas, particularly in the spring season. Take good care of your pet to keep it safe from skin problems and spring allergies.