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Top 5 Garden Centres in Bristol

Lisa Garden on 07-04-2017

Bristol has always had and will continue to have a great and prosperous maritime heritage and culture. Bristol life is one which goes hand in hand with portside living. Although modern day Bristol is more accustomed to lovely restaurants, lively bars, shopping centres and cultural buildings such as the contemporary art gallery, the city still stays true to its maritime life around the river Avon. Gardening may not be the first thing that you think of Bristol being renowned for, but there are some wonderful garden centres to visit in the area. Here are our top 5 garden centres in Bristol. Remember, you can also buy your garden products online throughout the entire UK, at the webshop of your local garden centre or other webshops with a large selection in garden products.


Riverside Garden Centre

Riverside Garden Centre is one of the biggest, independent garden centres in Bristol. Riverside offers a wide variety of plants of the highest quality, as well as a great range of other gardening items. The product range includes garden furniture, bulbs and seeds, gifts, wild bird care, garden hand tools and other gardening essentials.


Fonthill Garden Centre

 As a part of the Fonthill and Lakeside family, Fonthill Garden Centre has been providing keen gardeners and families in the Bristol area with amazing plants and garden accessories for 40 years. The atmosphere is vibrant and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly within the garden centre. the Pine tree coffee shop also makes for a welcome break in between your shop. 


Whitehall garden centre Whitchurch

Whitehall Garden Centre in Whitchurch are part of the Whitehall garden centre family. Currently, 3 centres are part of the chain. With over 45 years of garden retailing experience, Whitehall centres have been providing gardening excellence in staff knowledge, high-quality plants, and friendly service to the people of Bristol. There's something for everyone at Whitehall, from garden furniture and outdoor buildings to garden plants, shrubs, roses, conifers, bedding plants, herbs, houseplants, outdoor pots, garden sundries and a tasty farm shop and cafe. 

Almondsbury Garden Centre

Almondsbury garden centre is the epitome of a garden retailer offering every aspect of gardening. From incredible plants to high-end garden furniture at affordable pricing. The centre is teeming with horticultural expertise, as well as a great atmosphere. Almondsbury is Bristol's largest independent garden centre. They are passionate about two things. Gardening and customer service. They aim to provide you with not only the best value in terms of product quality, but they want to ensure that you have the best experience possible as a customer. Visit today to see why Almondsbury are one of the most popular, independently owned garden centres in Bristol.


Keynsham, A Wyevale Garden Centre

In the 1960's, Keynsham was a  tree and shrub plant nursery run by two family members. The family feel has still not left the garden centre atmosphere. But there's no doubt that you get all the high-quality products that you would expect from a Wyevale Garden Centre. There is a fun, family experience at the garden centre, whilst it's still evident that this is a garden centre serious about plants. Everything, for everyone at Keynsham, a Wyevale garden centre

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