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Top 5 garden centres in Swansea

Swansea, known as the ‘ugly, lovely town’ due to its visual shortcomings but an upcoming facilitator of a great student city, is mostly associated with its less hideous bay and ‘top 5 beaches’. While there are enough top 5 beaches to be found as well as that the winter is on its way, it’s the second largest city in Wales and the twenty-fifth largest city of the United Kingdom, we figured time has come to present a top 5 garden centres in and around Swansea! Remember, you can also buy your garden products online throughout the entire UK, at the webshop of your local garden centre or other webshops with a large selection in garden products.  


Pyle Garden Centre

Reviews don’t lie… And since Pyle Garden Centre has a lot of reviews compared to other garden centres in and around Swansea, and has a total score of 4 out of 5 stars, there is no doubt that this garden centre should be the first to mention. Pyle Garden Centre is such a centre where you can literally get everything you need as well as that the centre provides you with a day out rather than solely a shopping experience. Check the website for more information.


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Ewenny Garden Centre

Claiming to be and have more than just flowers on their website and receiving good score with 8 reviews, Ewenny Garden Centre deserves the second position in this list as it, indeed, has a lot more for sale than just flowers. More interestingly though, the staff is helpful and friendly, making up for a pleasant visit to the garden centre.


Thornes Garden Nursery

Thornes Garden Nursery is the place to visit when looking for an extensive range of plants, pots and garden ornaments. Additionally, you can enjoy a delicious lunch or coffee or tea in the Potted Shed Café. But, and this is why we like Thornes Garden Nursery, what makes this nursery other than the others listed here, is that you can also buy your chicken and supplies here.


Fforestmill Garden Centre

Open seven days a week, Fforestmill Garden Centre offers a wide variety of plants, fruits and vegetables, compost, pots, tools garden furniture and even fireworks. Besides being able to get some helpful advice from the knowledgeable staff, we recommend to sit back and relax at Poppies café too for some delicious fresh food.


Pontarddulais Garden Centre

Stroll around the wide range of seasonal bedding plants, hardy shrubs and trees throughout the year at Pontarddulais Garden Centre. Besides plants, pots and sundries, the centre also has a wide range of garden furniture and even garden buildings of which at least 20 are on display. The garden room restaurant is, of course, a big plus!

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