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Top 7 Christmas trees

Christmas trees became a popular tradition in the UK since 1841. Back in the day, a majority of people preferred to buy a tree just a few days before Christmas. However, you can purchase a tree any time after the beginning of December. With a large variety of Christmas trees available in the market, you can opt for a tree that can last a month or more.

Let’s take a look at some common types of Christmas trees:

1.Fraser Fir

According to the British Christmas Tree Growers Association, around 7 million Christmas trees are sold every year and most of the buyers opt for Fraser fir tree. It is an attractive tree that is suitable for compact spaces. The cut tree can stay fresh for up to 6 weeks if you water it properly.


Douglas fir is another beautiful Christmas tree, known for its dense look. It’s packed with a bunch of small branches and soft shiny needles and fills your house with a citrus fragrance.Ask the tree farmer to trim its branches if you want to put decorations on it.

3.Norway Spruce

The traditional British Christmas tree is one of the top choices in the UK. It is recommended to purchase Norway Spruce only a week or two before Christmas since it tends to lose its needles quickly. Do not forget to water the tree regularly to retain its colour and freshness.

4.Balsam Fir

You should opt for Balsam fir if you’re looking for a Christmas tree that can survive for long. It is a beautiful pyramidal tree with a distinct dark green colour and lasting fragrance.The tree is native to Canada and the north-eastern US, due to which it prefers cool climate.

5.Colorado Blue Spruce

Colorado blue spruce is the ultimate option if you want to decorate your Christmas tree with heavy ornaments and lights. It has strong branches with silver-blue needles. The tree is usually sold along with its entire root ball. You can plant it in your garden once the festivities come to an end.

6.Eastern White Pine

Eastern white pine has a lush appearance. Get a tree to decorate your home and use its branches to make wreaths, garlands and living room centrepieces.

7.Noble Fir

Noble fir is an expensive Christmas tree.The tree doesn’t sport a dense look and has enough spacing between branches, which makes it easier for you to hang heavy ornaments.


Christmas Tree - With or Without Roots?

Get a Christmas tree with roots if you want to go green. Instead of throwing away the tree after the festivities are over, you can plant it in your garden. However, you need to take good care of the tree so as to keep it healthy.


Find a local garden centre with Garden Centre Guide to choose the right Christmas tree for your home. Your Christmas celebrations will be incomplete without a tree. Therefore, take a careful decision when buying a Christmas tree. Keep one in your living room and decorate it with fascinating ornaments and Christmas lights.