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Why You Should Consider Planting Succulents

Lisa Garden on 09-02-2018

All succulents have an exotic beauty to them that appeal to any onlookers. If you have been wrestling with ideas for what to do with your garden, planting succulents may just be what you have wanted all along. In fact, regardless of the gardening experience that you have or the kind of budget you are willing to allocate for your garden, succulents make a great choice.

Let's take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider planting succulents: 


1. They come in a variety of shapes and colours

Succulents are some of the most diversified species out there. You can get many different looking succulents that vary in shapes, colours and size. So you can really shake things up in the garden by planting different kinds of succulents. The Echeveria variety has a red tint on its edges and is shaped a lot like a rose. It comes in different colours such as deep purple, rose red and pearly lavender. The Aeonium variety is similar to Echeveria but can be found in colours ranging from deep purple to yellow. Similarly, Graptopetalums have a distinct soft, fuzzy appearance that is always a nice addition to any garden. You can browse through the many choices from the wide variety of succulents and make your picks.



2. They’re easy to care for them

Succulents require the most basic care. If you struggle to keep your plants alive, succulents might be just for you. Succulents don’t demand much water. In fact, they are very tolerant to dry periods and only require watering during the growing season. Just look at the soil to notice if it’s too wet or too dry. If it’s too dry, water them. If it’s wet, stop watering it until it goes back to normal. Clip the stems of the succulents if they start touching the soil to prevent them from rotting. When you do water your succulent, always water the base since the leaves must stay dry at all times.


3. They’re easy to plant

All your succulents really need to establish themselves is some firm, damp soil and ample sunlight. Also, shovel the soil if it is compressed, to allow proper aeration. If you are going to plant your succulent, plant them early in the year so by the time it gets chilly, they have properly established themselves. After planting the succulents, wait two to three days before watering them. However, the soil must have adequate drainage since the succulents don’t require water all that much. You can even plant succulents very close to each other because unlike other plants, they don’t struggle for water and nutrients when they are close together.


4. They are inexpensive

Succulents are some of the most cost-effective plants you can have in your garden. Obviously, the availability of succulents in your area and their size are important factors that can influence their price but small succulents are sold for low prices.