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Herbs in Isles of Scilly

The benefits of growing your own herbs are many. Are you thinking of growing your own herbs but don’t know where to start? Well, the best place to start on your herb-growing adventure is to visit The Garden Centre Guide, where you will find countless garden centres in Isles of Scilly selling a wide variety of herbs. 

The really great thing about The Garden Centre Guide is that you can pinpoint the garden centres in and around where you live and shop online for all the herbs you’re looking for. Put simply, doing it this way will cut a large chunk out of the time, money and effort it would take you to drive around looking for a garden centre near you. 

Why grow your own herbs?

Why grow your own vegetables when it’s so much easier to just buy them from your local supermarket, you might ask? Why would you want to get your hands dirty by growing your own, when you can simply open a plastic bag and have all the nice, clean herbs you want? 

Well, there’s a lot more to gardening with herbs than you could imagine, such as the following list, which includes just some of the benefits of growing your own herbs.

• You never run out of fresh herbs – how many times have you been to the supermarket only to find that they don’t have the herb you want? Growing your own herbs means that you grow the ones that you enjoy and you can harvest them all the time, whenever you need them. 

• No more boring meals – like many other people, you also probably know how herbs can enhance the taste of just about any meal. Imagine having all the herbs you need, growing right there in your own garden. Being able to pick the herbs you need anytime you want them, means that you’ll be serving your family meals with a zing, every time!

• Amazing health benefits! – apart from giving your meals a huge boost to their vitamin content, the digging, stretching and bending you do while planting your herbs, will help you to lose a few extra pounds, develop nicely toned muscles, and give you a glowing, healthy looking skin too. 

• Great therapy when you are stressed out – the daily office grind, heavy traffic and so many other daily activities can cause a great amount of stress. One of the best ways to get stress relief is by spending time outdoors tending to your garden. The scents, sights and sounds that surround you as you while away your time in the garden are just the things you need to rejuvenate your soul!

• Enhance the overall appeal of your garden – adding herbs to your garden landscape will add to the overall appeal of your garden. They are just as beautiful as flowers and shrubs. If you don’t have a large enough plot for a separate herb garden, then grow them among the other plants in your garden. They will fit in perfectly!

Where to buy herbs in Isles of Scilly

There is no doubt about it that herbs are good, all-round plants to have in your garden. They’re good for you and your family in so many ways and will make your garden look absolutely beautiful too. Visit The Garden Centre Guide, find the garden centres near you, and start shopping today to enjoy the benefits of growing your own herbs.

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