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Trees and shrubs in Isles of Scilly

A Isles of Scilly garden just isn’t a garden without trees and shrubs. They have the ability to somehow turn that space around a home into a peaceful, relaxing haven. But where do you find the right ones for your garden? Is there somewhere to go to where there are all types of trees and shrubs available in one place? The answer to this question is a resounding YES, in the form of The Garden Centre Guide. Visit this site, and you will find a garden centre close to where you live, where you can pick and choose at your leisure, the types of trees and shrubs you want for your garden.

The benefits of having trees and shrubs in your garden are numerous! For instance, they:

• provide plenty of much-needed shade during the hot summer months
• without a doubt, add beauty to your yard
• can increase the value of your property by as much as 10 to 15%
• when strategically placed, reduce energy consumption by allowing the sun to warm your home in winter and the shade they provide, will keep your home cool during the summer months
• act as a windbreak against those cold winter winds
• help the environment by filtering dust and pollutants from the air
• help to reduce soil erosion, water pollution and the effects of flooding by reducing storm water runoff
• provide a sanctuary for birds and other wildlife
• provide a rainbow of colour to your garden
• produce plenty of fruit each year
• are great for reducing stress
• offer plenty of useful information for children
• are known to reduce the recovery time in patients
• can be planted to commemorate a special event or as a living memorial to someone who has passed on

Buying trees and shrubs for your garden

Although all trees and shrubs provide the above amazing benefits, choosing a few for your garden can be a daunting experience when you’re faced with the thousands of varieties that are available. Following are a few guidelines to buying trees and shrubs for your garden.


Trees live for a long time, so it’s important to buy the right tree for that spot in your garden, so take the following into consideration when shopping for trees:

• How tall and wide will it be when it has matured?
• It’s appearance. Does it have foliage, leaves or needles, is it an evergreen or will it shed its leaves? What colour is it and will its foliage change colour during autumn? Does it bear fruit?
• Is it a high-or low-maintenance tree? (Will it need to be pruned regularly?)
• Does it like shade or sun?
• Will it look good on its own, as a hedge, or in a group?
• Is it wind-resistant or should it be planted in a sheltered spot?


Growing shrubs in your garden is great! Evergreen varieties look good all through the year and those that flower, add a splash of spectacular colour amid the greenery in your garden. The various shrubs to choose from include:

  • Patio shrubs – those that grow in pots are great for transforming a dull deck or patio into a colourful, interesting area!
  • Climbing shrubs – these are fantastic for hiding unsightly walls and fences and they make your garden look bigger too!
  • Stem shrubs – stem shrubs look beautiful standing alone, as a border along a path, or in a pot on a patio.

Enjoy the benefits of having trees and shrubs in your garden by choosing from the wide variety available from a garden centre near you. To find a list of all the garden centres in your area, simply do a search on The Garden Centre Guide, where thousands of garden centres all over the UK including Isles of Scilly are listed for your convenience.

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