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BLOG: Bare-root Season

3 November 2010
BLOG: Bare-root Season

November is traditionally the start of the Bare-root plant season.  With deciduous trees and shrubs going into their dormant period bare-root woody plants are now being lifted and wrapped at the nursery ready for incorporating into new projects in the garden.  Because the soil is still warm, wrapped and bare-root plants will settle into the soil quickly and get off to a fast start next spring.

Ideal projects to consider before winter really sets in include planting hedges, screens and shrubs to enclose garden spaces and mask unsightly everyday necessities such as compost heaps and working areas. 

Remember to add a handful of bonemeal to each prepared planting hole.  Bonemeal is high in phosphorus and essential for good root growth, and any left over bonemeal can be kept for next years tomato crop as research suggests when applied to developing tomato plants it can help prevent blossom end rot.

Paul Hervey-Brookes Plantsman & Garden Designer.