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BLOG: Traditional Rose Planting

16 November 2010
BLOG: Traditional Rose Planting

November is the traditional time to plant roses.  This is because the soil is still relatively warm and the roots can get going making for better-established plants in time for next year and bumper flower crops.  Roses come in all manner of shapes and sizes, from the ancient damask stripes of Rosa mundi to the delicate soft colours of the 18th century shrub roses such as R. ‘Chapeau de napoleon’. 

Over recent years traits such as full-bodied blooms and heady scents have been combined with disease resistance to produce some stunning repeat flowering roses suitable for the modern garden.  Rose’s grow and flower the best when planted in full sun in moist but not waterlogged soils.  

If space is at a premium but you can’t resist rose’s try growing a climbing type such as R. veilchenblau or R. ‘The Generous Gardener’ both are thornless which is an added bonus.