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Container gardening - Common myths debunked

Lisa Garden on 08-05-2018

Container gardening is a feasible way of growing beautiful plants in a small space. Those people who don’t own a large backyard can easily grow some plants in beautiful planters to beautify the space and obtain vegetables for their regular needs. It allows you to grow non-native plants and save on water and fertilizer costs.

However, despite the various benefits that accompany container gardening, not everyone finds it appropriate to grow plants in containers. It’s because they blindly believe prevalent myths and misconceptions. Here, we’re going to bust those myths so you can bring your garden indoors without worrying about the non-existent problems.


Myth #1: Containers Increase Pest Problems

Many people believe that containers aid in the growth of pests. Pests and insects may damage the plants and prevent their growth. They may also spread various diseases and ruin your efforts. This is the reason why many people prefer landscape gardening over container gardens or refrain from growing any plants if they don’t have sufficient space.

However, there is no truth to this statement. On the other hand, containers can reduce the growth of pests and insects. If a plant becomes ill, it won’t spread the disease to your entire garden. You can treat the diseased plant or get rid of it to protect other plants from the threat.


Myth #2: Large Plants Can’t Grow in Containers

Many gardeners believe that containers cannot support the growth of big plants. However, you can easily plant large plants in a container. In fact, some large plants work better in a container space. You can purchase dwarf fruits and vegetable plants and grow them in a container with ease.


Myth #3: Increasing Pesticide Use Is Safe

In order to protect their plants from pests and insects, many gardeners use chemical insecticides or pesticides. As these nuisances attack the container garden, they consider it a safe practice to increase the use of pesticides.

However, excessive use of fertilizers or pesticides isn’t safe for your plants in any way. Always use the standard quantity of these chemical products, or else your plants are likely to wither. Not only are these more expensive, the chemical fertilizers also affect the fertility of soil and damage air quality. Furthermore, it will force the plant to spend all its energy in the growth of roots instead of trying to resist diseases.


Myth #4: Container Soil Should be Changed Every Year

Many gardeners change the soil of containers every year. However, it’s not necessary to do so. It’s an expensive practice that doesn’t offer any additional benefits. You can use the same soil for a few years. It’s recommended not to plant the same type of plant again though, as it won’t be able to get sufficient nutrient supply. Now, let's get started planting in containers! 


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