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5 tips to grow a greenhouse garden

Lisa Garden on 06-04-2018

Greenhouse gardening refers to the process of growing plants in a controlled environment. This method is usually adopted to grow vegetables that can sustain in specific environmental conditions only.

You can easily create a greenhouse garden in order to grow some plants that aren’t native to your area and need particular surroundings to produce yield.

No matter how big or small the gardening space, you can easily create a greenhouse for your plants. However, don’t forget it’s a long-term investment and you’ll need to keep it in optimal condition for long. Now that you’re interested in greenhouse gardening, here are some practical tips to help you get started:


1. Install a Heating Source

When you want to grow vegetables in your garden that only survive in hot climate, you’ll need to install a heating source. Depending on the size of the garden, a 120-volt or 240-volt heater will work best for you. Don’t forget fitting a waterproof thermostat, since it’ll allow you to adjust temperature as and when needed. Buy a greenhouse heater here.

Aside from a heating source, you may also need to install a cooling system. This will aid you in providing consistent heat to your plants. It’s not easy to cool down a greenhouse that has turned extremely hot. However, with the help of a cooling source, you can easily trap heat and ensure your plants stay healthy.


2. Hand Pollinate Plants

Plants of cucumbers, melons, and squash need to be pollinated regularly. You should do so with your own hands. Female flowers have a swollen base.

You need to take a male flower, peel back its petals to access the stamen, and then sprinkle the pollen into a female flower to pollinate it the right way. This way, the plants will grow rapidly in your greenhouse.


3. Pest Control

In a greenhouse, pests and insects may infest the place if you don’t focus on cleaning the area and the gardening tools. So, wash the tools regularly to keep them sparkling clean. Also, before you plant any seeds or seedlings in your garden, don’t overlook their health. Infected seeds and plants are likely to spread diseases and pests in your garden.


4. Ventilation

Ventilation is an important aspect of greenhouse gardening. Despite installing the heating and cooling systems, your plants may still become too hot or cold. So, it’s best to install vents to maintain the right temperature. If you’re not running low on budget, you can install hydraulic vents that automatically open or close, depending on the temperature.


5. Watering Plants

Many greenhouse gardeners make the mistake of watering plants according to a pre-specific schedule. However, you ought to water the plants as per the age of plants, temperature, and humidity. You should visit your garden daily and analyze the conditions to determine whether or not your garden needs watering.


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