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What to do in the garden in August:

1 August 2014
What to do in the garden in August:

The lazy, hazy days of summer are with us at last, and it's a great time to kick back and enjoy the rewards of your hard work. But don't take it too easy: there are still a few things to be getting on with!

General tasks:
Feed containers and hanging baskets once a week with high-nitrogen liquid fertiliser to maintain a really good display.
Raise the height of mower blades in hot, dry weather – if grass is left a little longer it survives drought better.

Ornamental garden:
Collect fallen rose leaves and dispose of them, as disease spores like blackspot overwinter on decaying foliage.
Water camellias well, especially those grown in containers, as flower buds are now forming for next year's display.
Trim cotton lavender once it finishes flowering to keep it neat, but avoid cutting into old wood as it won't regenerate.

Kitchen garden:
Pot up a clump or two of parsley to pop on the kitchen windowsill through winter and still enjoy fresh herbs.
Cover carrot crops with fleece to protect them from the second generation of the dreaded carrot fly hatches this month.
Lift pumpkins and marrows onto bricks to get the air circulating so they ripen evenly and don't rot.