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3D Printed Garden Tools: 10 Great Tools for Your Garden

Lisa Garden on 10-12-2019

Injection molding is a great way to produce 3D garden tools. For starters, the cost is reasonable, and you can make a mass quantity much faster. Many entrepreneurs utilize this concept; below, you will see a wide range of injection molding ideas for gardening tools.

1) Seed Spacer

When planting seeds, you're instructed to space them so many inches apart. With the 3D printable garden tool from Alex English, you can take out all the guesswork. In theory, when using the proper spacing tool to sow your seeds, it will help to enhance the growth of your plant.

2) Hand Rake

Sometimes a large rake is just way too big for small odd jobs in the garden. The charming hand rake handle has just the right amount of grooves to wrap your fingers around. The 3D printed tool also is excellent for young gardeners who are curious and want to be helpful.

3) Garden Gnome

Gnomes are the characteristic little trinkets you will typically find in German Gardens. This long-lasting 3D print gnome figurine is a good luck charm to help watch over the garden. Regardless of what your beliefs are, this gnome will spike interest from those who pass by your garden.

4) Vegetable Signs

When planting, it is nice to know if your parsnips are near the carrots, and with 3D printed vegetable signs, it is possible. These tiny gadgets can help keep order in your garden and prevent you from having a major culinary mishap.

5) Garden Shovel

The unique shovel design is great for loosening the soil and planting seedlings. It's also the right dimension for young children to assist you in the garden and learn. Hugerpirat is the designer of the 3D printed small garden shovel.

6) Micro Planter Chess Set

Chess players that also enjoy gardening may be intrigued by this unique micro planter chess set. On the board, there are chess pieces individually designed for planting succulents and herbs. As a player, you can add some texture or minty freshness to the game.

7) Trellis Hook

The hook is uniquely styled for hanging garden trellis over your perennials and vegetables. The exceptional strength of these hooks can withstand a substantial amount of weight. These trellis hooks are designed with a meager poly count.

8) Slug Trap

This 3D printer design helps to trap and kill slugs in the garden. Fill the slug trap 2/3 of the way full with beer and put on the lid. This step is very important to preserve the beer from diluting from the rain. Next, place it in the garden and watch the slug trap work.

9) Flower Pot

The flower pot has a binary root design that fits the décor of any garden. Thanks to 3D printing, you can make different and unusual flower pot designs to enhance the look of your garden. This Virtox 3D printer design has an 8-milliliter wall thickness with a 5-percent fill density.

10) Lawn Sprinkler

This may be titled as a lawn sprinkler, but it can also be used in your garden. It fits most standard garden water hoses. Water pressure makes this unique spinner work like a charm.If you're an engineer and these injection molding designs have piqued your interest, you should attempt to try them or tweak them to fit your own needs.