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5 essential tips to take good care of your pet dog

Lisa Garden on 29-12-2017

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who love dogs and those who don’t. Even though you might adore dogs for their loving, loyal nature, it is important not be hasty when considering getting one for yourself. If you are going to bring a dog home, make yourself aware of all the ins and outs of dog care so that you can care for all their basic needs and keep them healthy. Your dog will know when you are feeling down, he will. He will wait patiently for your attention and will always see a best friend in you. It is only humane to reciprocate this love with some basic care.

Here are some essential tips to take good care of your pet dog.


1. Stock up on doggy supplies 

In order to prevent running to the pet store every now and then to replenish the run out supplies, it is important that you load up on everything you are going to need beforehand. This will make life a lot easier for you as a pet owner. Buy food or water bowls, preferably the ones made of stainless steel because not only will they last you a lifetime, but will also protect your dog against allergies he might have. If you are going to travel with your dog, there are collapsible bowls available too.  Get a collar that isn’t tight enough to hinder swallowing and not too loose to come right off the head. Don’t forget to get a dog tag with your contact details on it, in case he ever gets lost. Additionally, you are going to walk the dog every day so a leash is a must too. Also, get a bed for him to curl up in when he wants to sleep.


2. Regular grooming routine  

If you are getting a puppy, establish a regular grooming routine as soon as you can so he can get used to it and cooperate. You should brush your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush every day to prevent periodontal diseases. Use wipes to clean his ears too. If your dog has a thick coat, make sure that you brush it every day.


3. Vet care  

Having a good vet is crucial for your doggy’s long-term health. Make sure that you take him for regular checkups based. The vet will vaccinate your dog against various diseases you or the dog might be susceptible too. Additionally, if there are any not-so-obvious health concerns, the vet is going to be the first person to spot it.


4. Walking and play time  

Don’t forget that dogs are full of energy and they need to spend it on something. If you don’t walk your dog on a regular basis, all that pent energy will have him ripping open the pillows and barking. Walking your dog or playing with him is a good exercise for him and will also help strengthen the bond between you and your dog.


5. Dog obedience  

It is imperative that you set some rules down for your dog to behave well inside the house and outside. In order to do that, you must take on the role of being the Alpha leader. A good way to make your new dog understand what is good and bad behaviour is by giving words to what he is already doing. When he comes running to you, say “come” or when he sits, say “sit” so that the dog associates the words with the actions. Aside from these basic commands, you can also opt for dog training classes which are a good way for them to exercise and learn to socialize with other dogs as well.