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6 best houseplants for this spring season

Lisa Garden on 01-06-2018

Do you want to take up gardening but don’t have enough space in the garden outside your house? Why not opt for indoor gardening?

Growing indoor plants allows you to take good care of your plants and protect them from extreme weather conditions. However, when it comes to indoor gardening, always choose plants that don’t need abundant sunlight to survive.

Now that the spring season is here, let’s take a look at some plants you can get for your home:


1. Flowering Maple

Flowering maples brighten your apartment with the colourful flowers and bring the indoor space to life. These plants have pink, yellow or red-coloured petals.

Don’t forget keeping these plants near a window, since they need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight to survive. Furthermore, water them daily to protect them from drought.

These plants grow quite tall. So, you should plant them in large plant pots. Moreover, you can also plant them in a hanging pot if you don’t have enough space for a large pot.


2. Hydrangea

The strong fragrance of hydrangea plants improves the indoor space and refreshes you when you enter your home. Available in white, pink, blue, and green varieties, you have many options to choose from. These plants usually grow tall, just like an indoor tree.

Since these plants don’t need full sunlight, you can keep them in indoor space without worrying about their health.


3. African Violet

African violets are the most favourite plants of novice gardeners since they’re easy to grow and maintain. It’s best to keep these plants indoors, or else you’ll lose your precious plants to the scorching sunrays in no time.

However, these plants require moist conditions. So, make sure you water them regularly and maintain optimal humidity level for the well-being of these spring plants.


4. Peace Lily

Peace lily is an easy-to-maintain plant that’s a must for your home. Its vibrant green leaves and white flowers complement each other and create a fragrant atmosphere.

These plants go well as a tabletop decoration, or you can place them on a shelf due to their small height. Make sure you plant them early in the spring season, so they can bloom by the late spring or early summers.


5. Hibiscus

Unlike many other indoor plants, hibiscus plants need sufficient space to thrive. So, it’s recommended to plant them in a large planter. Also, keep them in patio or near a window where they can get sufficient sunlight throughout the day.

These plants need to be watered daily. Regularly check the soil and water it to keep it moist at all times.


6. Calamondin Orange

These plants have white fragrant flowers that blossom in the late winters or spring season. The orange fruits grow during the mid-spring season and take a few weeks to ripen.


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