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6 common bird feeding mistakes you need to avoid

Lisa Garden on 02-01-2018

Feeding wild birds in your backyard is an exciting task and allows you to enjoy bird watching within the premises of your home. It is certainly enjoyable to look out from the window of your room and see a flock of attractive birds gathered around the bird feeder. However, novice backyard birders tend to make some bird feeding mistakes that keep birds away from your backyard. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid to attract more birds.


1.You Use Only One Type of Feeder

Birds have different feeding requirements. By keeping different types of bird feeders, you can attract a variety of birds to your yard.

Here are the major types of bird feeders you can choose from:

  • Window feeder
  • Platform or tray feeder
  • Tube feeder
  • Hopper feeder
  • Suet feeder
  • Nyjer or thistle feeder
  • Nectar feeder


2.You Forget to Clean Bird Feeder

A messy feeder can keep birds away from your house. Feeders get clogged quickly and spread diseases among birds. Clean hummingbird feeder weekly, whereas feeders with dry seeds should be cleaned on a monthly basis.

Clean feeder regularly in order to get rid of spoiled seeds and dirt. Add one part chlorine bleach to nine parts warm water and immerse the feeder in this solution. Use a hard bristled brush to get rid of dirt and debris. Rinse it with clean water. Do not refill the feeder until it gets completely dry.


3.You Don’t Regularly Fill Up Feeders

Once you regularly start feeding wild birds in your backyard, they become reliant on this food source. However, if you forget refilling the feeder often, birds may look for other sources of food. Bird feeder is likely to get empty during certain times of the year, such as during rainy season or after a storm. Keep an eye on your feeder and fill it as and when needed.


4.Birdfeeders Are Too Close to Your House

Don’t keep feeders too close to your home, or else they won’t be able to have their food in peace due to the fear of predators. Also, birds need enough space to fly and land on the feeder. They can get injured by colliding with windows or walls of your house.


5.You Have No Birdhouses

Most people don’t know about the benefits of having a birdhouse or nest in their backyard. Birds look for a shelter near a food source where they can nest. Providing them with safe nesting areas is an effective way to attract your feathered friends.


6.You Don’t Feed Birds in Winters

It is quite common to leave the bird feeders empty during winters. Not many birds visit a feeder during this season since most species migrate to warmer regions. However, some songbirds prefer staying in cold climate. Keep nutritious feed in the feeder, such as sunflower seeds, to help them survive extreme cold.

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