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6 expert gardening tips

Lisa Garden on 30-03-2018

Gardening experts say gardening is a healthy activity that prevents people from feeling lonely and improves their physical and mental health. In the UK, people spend around £1.4 billion every year on buying plants and gardening equipment. You don’t necessarily need to build a big farm to grow plants. You can rather do it in your garden.

Gardening isn’t some rocket science; however, you’ll be able to grow a beautiful garden by getting in touch with experts and learning from their experience. Here, we’ve compiled some expert gardening tips to assist you in gardening:


1. Deliver Moisture to Plant Roots

Some plants thrive when you directly water their roots instead of watering leaves. If you’ve vegetable plants or African violets in your garden, you should develop a drip feeder system to water the roots. All you need to do is to get an old plastic bottle and puncture small holes. Place it next to your plants in the soil. When you pour water in the bottle, it’ll slowly reach the roots and meet their water needs.


2. Enrich Soil with Eggshells

Not many gardeners are aware that they can use eggshells to nourish the garden soil. Eggshells are rich in calcium and can provide sufficient nutrients to young plants. Furthermore, they can protect your garden from insects and pest infestation. Next time you eat eggs, don’t throw away the shells. Instead, crush them and spread in the soil around plants.


3. Fertilize Plants with Vegetable Soup Water

Do you drain down excess water after boiling vegetables? Don’t do this again!

Vegetable soup water acts as a great natural fertilizer for plants. Once you’ve boiled vegetables, pour the remaining water in your garden or plant pots. This’ll improve plant’s health and protect them from diseases.


4. Increase Soil Acidity with Coffee

Some plants prefer acidic soil with pH above 5.5. You ought to increase soil acidity for plants such as blueberries, parsley, holly, strawberries, and azalea. For this purpose, you can use coffee grounds or tea leaves. Sprinkle a little amount of coffee or tea around the acid-loving plants and watch them grow.


5. Restrict Aggressive Plants

Plants have varying growth rates. Some plants show aggressive growth and may take over your entire garden if you’re not careful. It’s best to grow such plants in planters or plastic containers. This will restrict their growth. The plant roots won’t be able to cover other plants and you can manage your garden more conveniently.


6. Protect Plant Bulbs

Some plants, such as tulips, grow best through bulbs. However, when you plant these bulbs in soil, these are vulnerable to attacks by insects and small wild animals. You should take drastic steps for their protection. Cover the plant bed with a net so as to keep wildlife at bay. Once the plant starts to grow, you can remove the netting. 


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