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7 plants to keep in your bedroom

Lisa Garden on 27-07-2018

The lack of sleep can tamper with your lifestyle and affect your health. But did you know certain indoor plants can help you sleep better at night?

Fill your home with indoor plants that promote a calm atmosphere and help you deal with insomnia and stress. Indoor plants also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and improve the indoor air quality.

Now that you know why you should bring the nature indoors, here are some indoor plants that will help you enjoy better sleep at night:


1. Golden Pothos

When it comes to the indoor plants, golden pothos can help you enjoy quality sleep throughout the night by purifying air. It gets rid of formaldehyde which pollutes the environment. Since these plants don’t need direct sunlight, you can keep them indoors. Also, these plants are drought tolerant, so refrain from overwatering them.


2. Peace Lily

The peace lily is another plant suitable for the indoor space. It effectively deals with various toxic elements including trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and benzene. It also boosts the humidity by up to 5% so as to eliminate allergens from the air. This way, it helps you sleep well at night and wake up feeling fresh in the morning.


3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera possesses skin-healing properties, which is why many people use it to treat wounds as well as for beauty treatments. But not everyone knows that Aloe Vera plant can also help them sleep at night. It kills the toxins in the air that may spread diseases and ruin your health. Since it’s a low-maintenance plant, you can keep one in your bedroom to improve your sleep quality.


4. Lavender

The soothing scent of lavender plants can effectively improve your quality of sleep at night and increase your productivity throughout the day. A study suggests that the exposure to lavender scent helps people sleep well and controls many sleep disorders such as rapid-eye-movement and insomnia.



5. Valerian

Valerian is a perennial plant that blooms during summers. It has been commonly used as an ingredient in perfumes since the 16th century. Its distinct fragrance can also help you easily fall asleep and enjoy quality sleep throughout the night.


6. Chinese Evergreen

If you want to improve your sleep quality as well as keep the indoor air clean, you should consider getting Chinese evergreen plant for your bedroom. Its distinctive look of dark green leaves with grey, cream, and white patterns make it a great choice for the nature lovers.


7. Hop Cones

Hop Cone plants are commonly used to flavour beers, but you can also bring these plants in your bedroom for improved sleep quality. It contains a chemical, methylbutenol, that treats the symptoms of insomnia to overcome sleeplessness.