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Buy A National Garden Gift Voucher For A Special Thoughtful Gift

Lisa Garden on 11-09-2017

The idea of National Garden Gift Vouchers was conceived and launched in 1962. This makes this scheme probably the longest running and largest voucher scheme for gardeners in the UK. Over two million vouchers are gifted and cashed in at local garden centres in Britain every year. They are one of the most popular gift cards available. They can be gifted for a birthday, Christmas present, anniversary or as a nice retirement present.


You can buy all sorts of goods with a National Garden Gift Voucher

You don't only have to gift a National Garden Voucher to a gardening enthusiast. Garden centres have all sorts of wonderful things in their shops. These vouchers can be used to buy over 90,000 different items including patio furniture, garden tools and BBQ's. This gift could be used to put towards a garden project that a loved one has in mind, like creating a garden pond, or a summer house. You are not limited to where you can spend the voucher as they are accepted in over 2000 garden centres and retail outlets across the UK.


You can redeem your National Garden Gift Voucher quite easily

On the back of the gift voucher there is the web address of the online store finder. If you go onto this website you will be able to find the closest garden centre to you where you will be able to redeem your voucher. You can make a day out of it and perhaps travel a bit further to a larger garden centre and enjoy the countryside. You will find thousands of superb gifts to choose from, even things that are not specifically garden related, like kitchen related items with a garden themed decoration. Beautiful, thoughtful gifts can be purchased in garden centre stores.


Garden centres are happy to redeem National Garden Gift Vouchers

Many people who work during the week make a visit to a garden centre to stock up on plants and compost at weekends. As there is a great market for shopping for gifts whilst people are visiting a garden centre, the industry has happily obliged by stocking their garden shops with many gift ideas for friends and families. Aside from the traditional gardening themed items that are stocked in most shops, some big garden centres now also stock ladies scarves and nice handbags. It is quite normal nowadays to see gifts such as aromatic candles and flower scented soaps.


National Garden Gift Vouchers are a splendid gift

Whoever the gift is for they will be sure to find lots of goodies to spend their voucher on. From a new tree, or winter bedding plants to a pair of designer Wellington boots, they can all be found in garden centre gift shops. At your local garden centre you will be met by helpful, knowledgeable staff who are more than happy to help and advise you on how to choose the perfect gift.