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Essential gardening tools for every novice gardener

Lisa Garden on 05-06-2018

You may already know that you need to invest your valuable time and efforts to grow a garden full of attractive flowers and tasty edibles. However, did you know you can make the task easier with the help of some gardening tools?

You don’t need to spend all your savings to purchase expensive and high-quality tools. Instead, you can opt for basic gardening tools that aren’t costly and can help you save efforts and time. Let’s dive deeper into essential gardening tools you should buy at the earliest:


Hand trowel

Many novice gardeners aren’t aware of the threats of weeds and wild grass. It’s essential to get rid of these elements before they take over your entire garden and ruin your gardening efforts.

Hand trowel can help you quickly and efficiently remove the roots of these plants. You can buy a hand trowel made of plastic, but if you’re looking for a more useful and durable product, you should go for a hand trowel forged from stainless steel.



A clean garden helps in the growth of healthy plants. A rake is a must for keeping your front garden sparkling clean.

Clear fallen leaves and debris with the help of a rake. It’s an inexpensive tool that helps novice gardeners keeping the space clean at all times.


Garden hose

Your plants need sufficient supply of water to produce yield. A garden hose aids you watering plants conveniently. If you’ve a big budget, you can install an automatic irrigation system. However, for novice gardeners, it’s recommended to opt for a hose since it’s easier to handle.



Gardeners need to trim and prune plants to protect them from diseases and keep them in shape. A pruning tool is essential to trim down leaves and remove diseased branches from trees and plants. Pruning shears or hand pruners are inexpensive gardening tools that can make pruning task easier for you.


Lawn mower

Aside from plants, you should also take good care of grass in your garden. You should water grass regularly and trim it every week. Choose a lawn mower suitable for your garden. When it’s not in use, don’t forget to keep it safely in your garage so as to protect it from rainwater.


Gardening gloves

Not many novice gardeners find it necessary to buy gardening gloves and consider it a waste of money. However, if you want to stay safe from insect bites and sharp spikes on plants, you should get these safety gloves before starting a garden.

Many insects live in your garden soil. When you get in touch with this soil to mulch it or remove weeds, these insects can attack your hands, leaving behind painful bite marks. So, always wear gardening gloves when working in your garden.


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