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Gardening tips for the spring season

Lisa Garden on 23-03-2018

Spring season is the right time to grow a variety of plants in your garden. During this time of the year, plants and trees are filled with flowers, vegetables and fruits. However, not every gardener knows that they need to prepare their garden for the arrival of the spring. Your garden may not be in the optimal condition after cold winters. So, it’s recommended to act upon the following tips to increase the growth of your plants:


Get Rid of Debris and Weeds

Now that your plants are no more at the mercy of frost and cold winds, it’s time to clean your home garden. Get rid of dirt, debris, leftover snow, and leaves that may have accumulated outdoors. Use cleaning tools, if necessary, to clean the space.

When you leave your garden unattended for long, it gives way to weeds and invasive plants. Before planting any trees or plants, you ought to remove these weeds first. Make sure you pull out roots of weeds, or else they may grow again. Also, be careful when removing weeds, so that they don’t leave behind their seeds in the soil.


Prune Trees

It’s best to trim and prune trees during the winter season so that new leaves and branches can grow during the early spring. However, if you didn’t prune trees in the winters, it’s not too late. In many plants and trees, leaves grow in the mid or late spring. So, you can prepare plants by pruning them at the beginning of the season.


Prepare Soil

The garden soil is likely to become hard during the winters. In order to support the growth of plants, it’s best to prepare it with the help of mulch and organic compost. You can also use chemical fertilizers; however, it’s not safe for your health as well as the environment.

Test the garden soil to determine how much nutrients are needed. Give it the right organic material to increase the fertility of soil. Furthermore, you may also need to add mulch to your garden as well as raised garden beds. A few inches of mulch layer will prevent the growth of weeds, retain water and nutrients in the soil, and maintain temperature that is suitable for your plants.


Get Planting

Now that your garden is ready, it’s time to add some plants and trees in them. Get some plants that thrive in local climatic conditions and plant them in your garden. Choose beautiful flowering plants, shrubs, and perennials to create a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere.

A vegetable garden can also augment the appearance of your garden and provide you with high quality, home-grown food. Reserve a small area in your garden for vegetable and fruit plants. Take good care of your plants and use organic solutions to protect them from pests.


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